Developed by Play N Go Casinos, it is of no surprise that Legacy of Dead maintains the same high standards from the range. Published in 2020, Legacy of Dead is an exciting, immersive slot game to play, providing top-quality graphics, excellent payout potential and plenty of chances to win, putting this amongst the top games on the market.

Legacy of Dead features five reels and ten pay lines. It is an adventure-themed slot set in the depths of an ancient Egyptian tomb. Play can start from 10 cents per spin all the way up to 100 dollars on most devices, having a minimum bet of 10 dollars and a maximum of 100. This is an impressive range because, in addition to increasing accessibility, it ensures a challenge and potentially lucrative payout for people at the top end. With the potential to win 5000 times the original stake, this is an excellent option for players looking to win big.



Legacy of Dead mainly focuses on the temples and tombs of Ancient Egypt. The scene is set perfectly, with dramatic flaming torches and several smooth stone floors, which helps to transport the player to another time, with appropriate symbols helping to maintain the illusion.

The dark temples are the perfect adventure to chase a win, and players need to work their way through the levels, coming across different legends of Ancient Egypt along the way. Fight with a Pharaoh, tackle the god Horus’ tomb, try to outsmart Anubis, and fight the mighty Tutankhamen, which is the ultimate challenge, standing a chance to boost the stake by a fantastic 500x multiplier. Legacy of Dead is a world ruled by the dead, and just as expected from an Ancient Egyptian tomb, there are a lot of Wildcards and surprises that could trip you up. Taking a risk could be the secret to success or could doom you to fail and lose everything. Many visitors report similarities between the Book of the Dead and Legacy of Dead. Even though there is no denying the thematic connection between the two, it does no harm to the game’s enjoyability.


The superb graphics and immersive storyline aside, there is another significant element to Legacy of Dead: the immense range of features that are at the player’s disposal. This is a crucial aspect to consider when it comes to any slot game and can be the difference between an ‘ok’ slot title and one destined to become the next big thing. The features of a slot help improve a game to the next level, providing challenges and chances to win. On occasion, it can even change the direction of the game to something entirely different. From free spins to bonus rounds, an autoplay feature, to wild slots, Legacy of Dead has several things to keep you busy.

Legacy Of Dead – A Review Of The Slot

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