Mega Fortune is a slot game offered by the famous game providers, NetEnt. This makes sure that the game is worthwhile and reputable and not mere marketing. Launched in 2008, it has not only attracted new players but it has also managed to retain old ones as well. The game has three rows, five reels and twenty-five bet lines. Betting levels are also present, as well as coin value settings. This provides the player with a large number of choices. The minimum bet for each spin is 0.01 dollars, and the maximum bet is 50 dollars. The jackpot is a progressive one, which means that a part of each wager is added to it. This builds up the reward again after it has been won. The Mega jackpot currently stands at 750,000 dollars, but the average won is 400,000. There was even an occasion when someone won 17.86 million dollars. This is why Mega Fortune is a game that can make you rich faster than ever.

Mega Fortune


The theme of the game is centred around the premise that playing the game will help the player enter the world of the millionaires. The smallest amount won with this jackpot was 657,000, which is not all that bad. The game features wealth-related imagery like wine, cigars, limousines, jewellery, and yachts. Such imagery encourages the person to keep trying because they are being shown the lifestyle that could be theirs if they win a substantial amount. Clicking on diamonds determines how many betting lines the player would like to play, reinforcing it further. The reel screen has small crystals embedded in the border as well. The in-game experience is exceptionally interactive, with numerous buttons and animations. This keeps the player involved, especially when they reach the wheel of fortune stage. This is similar to a TV show experience when the wheel is spun, and people wait with anticipation to see where it lands. All the graphics and scale of the jackpots associate the game with being rich and famous.

Mega Fortune Slots Bonus Rounds feature

When at least three Bonus symbols appear in a single bet line, the bonus game is reached. This presents the person with three wheels of fortune. Click the spin button to start. Land on an arrow by proceeding to the second wheel and do so one more to proceed to the third wheel. If the diamond arrow is hit, the largest Mega jackpot is won. If an arrow misses on the first wheel, 100, 200, or 300 dollars will be won. If an arrow misses on the second wheel, you stand to win 300, 500 or 700 dollars. If one of the two Rapid zones lands on one of the reels, the Rapid jackpot will be won. If the diamond arrow on the third wheel is missed, 2500, 5000, or 7500 dollars will be won, or the Major Jackpot will be won if you happen to land on the Major zone.

Mega Fortune Introduction

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